Exhibitor Rules and Regulations
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Exhibitor Rules

Exhibitors and patrons are sincerely requested to make constructive criticism and offer helpful suggestions toward improving any part of the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.

Please report any discourtesies by gatemen, concessionaires, showmen, or others connected with the Fair. If for any reason, there is a misunderstanding about admission at gates or elsewhere, please pay the admission price asked, take a receipt for same, and come directly to the Manager’s office. Please do not block traffic and delay others by prolonged arguments with ticket-sellers or gatemen. They are working on strict orders from the management and are not allowed to vary from them.

Concessions and attractions are granted privileges on the grounds to supply the necessary wants, comforts, conveniences and pleasures of the patrons. The management will not accept or knowingly allow the continuance of any concession, show or other attractions of questionable nature or a demoralizing tendency nor will any concession be permitted where the business is conducted in other than a legitimate and legal manner.

Drunkenness, quarreling, or the use of profane or obscene language will not be allowed on the grounds. No begging will be permitted.

No peddling, hawking, or selling of any kind will be allowed in the buildings or on the grounds except by special license obtained from the Manager.

Any party or parties, firm or corporation owning buildings or material upon the North Carolina Mountain State
Fairgrounds, without lease, or whose lease has expired, who shall fail to remove same upon order of the Manager within the
time specified, shall forfeit all claim thereto, which expense of claim must be paid before material is released to the owner.

The management of the North Carolina Mountain State Fair reserves the right to amend, add to, and interpret the foregoing and following Rules and Regulations, and to arbitrarily settle and determine all questions and differences in regard thereto, or otherwise arising out of, connected with, or incident to the Fair. In the event of conflict between the General Rules and the special rules which appear as head notes of the various divisions and departments of the Fair, the latter will take precedence.

Disregard of any rule, misrepresentation on the part of the exhibitor, concessionaire or patrons will forfeit all premiums won, privileges granted, fees paid, and rights to further participation in the Fair.

** NO DRIVING on fairgrounds. All vehicles must be off grounds 30 minutes prior to gates opening or they must stay until gates are closed.**

Exhibits and Exhibitors

The dates on which your exhibits must be in place at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair vary from one department to another. These dates are listed under the Important Dates and Times link and on each department page. Check these dates carefully so you can get your exhibits in place at the proper time to be judged.

Unclaimed exhibits will be considered abandoned if not picked up on September 19 between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m., and may be disposed of as the Manager of the Fair sees fit. See Special Rules for the Culinary and Horticulture Departments.

Remember: All exhibits must be officially entered in the Fair online before the closing date for entries in the department. No article or animal will be entitled to space or considered in the judging until proper entry has been made. Removal of exhibits before the date and time specified will be cause for forfeiture of all awards won, all fees paid, and the right to further participate in the Fair.

Exhibit tags with corresponding numbers will be issued. Entry tags will be available on the entry receiving days. This tag must be securely attached to each exhibit and must remain on the exhibit throughout the Fair (exception: exhibit tags issued for livestock and poultry may be conspicuously displayed upon the stall, pen or coop).

Once the exhibit is numbered and tagged, it should be delivered to the Department Superintendent or Director who will allocate space and either personally arrange the exhibit in a suitable and attractive display or direct such action by the exhibitor. The North Carolina Mountain State Fair assumes no responsibility for the incorrect tagging of exhibits.

Division Directors and Department Superintendents will have full authority over allocation of space, and will have direct supervision of all exhibits which are considered on exhibition as a part of the Fair’s attraction, subject to use as these Directors and Superintendents see fit to add to the educational values of the Fair.

All livestock must be cared for by the exhibitor. Stalls and pens, unless otherwise stated elsewhere, will be furnished by the Fair free of charge. Exhibitors will be required to furnish their own bedding, unless otherwise stated elsewhere, and keep all stalls and pens clean.

When exhibit tags are issued by the Entry Department for each article entered, a stub with a duplicate number will be given to the exhibitor to serve as his/her claim check to recover and secure the release of his/her exhibit. Claim checks should be guarded carefully, since Department Superintendents and Directors are not allowed to release any exhibit without presentation of the exhibit tag stub. If the claim check is lost, such loss should be reported promptly and it will be necessary for the exhibitor to furnish the Superintendent of the Entry Department proof of ownership of the article on exhibit.

The Fair management reserves the right to reject any exhibit which does not reflect merit and which would not be a credit to both the exhibitor and the Fair. Also, the right is reserved to reject exhibits which are deemed objectionable or unsuitable for exhibition. All entries are accepted conditionally pending inspection of the article or animal to be exhibited. Any article or animal which proves to be misrepresented or falsely classed will be rejected and the right of the exhibitor to further participation in the Fair will be denied.

Division Directors, Department Superintendents, and/or Judges must report disqualification of entries to the Manager of the Mountain State Fair immediately after such action is taken.

Under no circumstances will judging be considered official and awards paid in a class where disqualification is recommended until approval of the disqualification is obtained from the Fair Manager.

**Superintendents cannot enter in the department(s) that they are overseeing.**

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