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Grounds Rental

Facility Rental Information:

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Ground Rental: $.10 per square yard with a $300 per day minimum.
Ticketed Events: Daily rate of the ground rental or 12% of ticket gross, whichever is greater.
RV Camper Parking Fee with Contract: When a contract has been written for "Grounds Rental" or an event, a fee of $25 per campsite per night is required for any camper parking overnight on facility grounds.
Any horse trailer connected to a power outlet at the facility will be charged the same fee as a camper.

Subject to Management Approval, an RV parking space may be utilized at the rate of $40.00 per night, collected through the Administrative Office, when not charged through a contracted event. This fee is non-refundable and non-discountable.
Electrical Connection: A fee shall be charged for any electrical connection to facility power outlets (per event) at the following rate:
110V/20AMP = $25 per event
220V/30AMP = $40 per event
220V/50AMP = $75 per event
220V/100AMP = $150 per event
220V/200AMP = $225 per event
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