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Sanctioned by The United Clogging Association

Total Premiums Offered by NCMSF $6,600.00

Show Secretary &Superintendent: Dianne Loftin

Entry Deadline & Fees:

Must be received by FAIR office BY these dates.

Entry fees must be with Entry Form at the time it is received by fair office.

Entry fees will be calculated by the date received at fair office.

NO FAXED or EMAILED entries will be accepted.


NC Mountain State Fair


Aug 6, 2021 $10.00 per dance per dancer

Aug 20, 2021 $12.00 per dance per dancer


Aug 6, 2021 $20.00 per couple

Aug 20, 2021 $25.00 per couple

Choreographed Solo:

Aug 6, 2021 $30.00 per dance

Aug 20, 2021 $35.00 per dance

Short Duo/Duet:

Aug 6, 2021 $20.00 per couple

Aug 20, 2021 $25.00 per couple


Aug 6, 2021 $10.00 per dance

Aug 20, 2021 $12.00 per dance

Location: Gate 6

Competition Dates:

September 10th, Friday 7:00 pm (Judges & Directors’ meeting 6:30 pm)

September 11th, Saturday 9:00 am (Judges & Directors’ meeting 8:30 am)

Governing Rules: United Clogging Association (http://www.cloguca.com/) and the North Carolina Mountain State Fair

Sanctioned Categories:

Couples Freestyle: Couples Precision: Lines: Small Teams:

Country Hoedown 4 or More Cpl Precision Traditional Line Comtemporary Line

6/8 Cpl Southern Appalachian Running Set Precision Traditional Line Formations Traditional Line

6/8 Cpl Freestyle 4 Couple Precision Contemporary Line Exhibition

Running Set Hoedown 6/8 Cpl Precision Contemporary Line Formations Traditional Line Fromation

4 or more Cpl Hoedown 6/8 Cpl Smooth Comtemporary Line Formation

Acapella: Variety: Novice: Non-Sanctioned Categories:

Acapella Team Exhibition Line Traditional Duo Flatfoot

Progressive Acapella Props Exhibition Traditional Line Buck & Wing (Traditional Duet) Traditional Solos

Show (3 min set-up time) Exhibition Contemporary Duo Contemporary Solos

Irish Step Dance 4 or more Cpl Hoedown Contemporary Duet Acapella Solo

Open Dance (Multi-Styles) Show Duo/Duet Choreographed Solos

Mixed Clogging Short Duo/Duet

Acapella Duo/Duet

MaxTime Limits:

8 minutes - All Traditional Categories (except 4 or More)

5 minutes - 4 or More Cpl Open Precision, 4 or More Cpl Open Hoedown, Show (3 minutes setup time)

3 minutes - Line, Line Forms, Traditional Line, Exhibition, Small Teams, Props Exhibition, Duo/Duets

Min Time Limits:

Hoedown Categories - Timing begins when last dancer starts dancing & ends when the first dancer stops dancing.

Precision Categories - Timing begins when the first dancer starts dancing and/or uses body movements and ends when the last dancer stops dancing and/or uses body movements.

Novice categories may be danced for 1 year per team per category and age division

Age Divisions:

Team and Duo/Duet: Tiny Tit 6 and under, Pee Wee 7-9, Elementary 10-12, Junior 13-15, Senior 16-18, Young Adult 19-29, Adult 30-50, Senior Adult 51 & over.

Solo: 3 and under, 4-5, 6-7, 8-9, 10-11, 12-13, 14-15, 16-19, 20-25, 26-31, 32-40, 41-50, 51 and over

Flatfoot (Males & Females compete against each other.): 15 and under, 16-30, 31 and over

Team & Duo/Duet age division is determined by AVERAGE age.

General Information

1. At the World Championships, a dancer may only dance twice per contemporary dance category. NO limit for Traditional categories. At regional competitions, there is no limit to the number of times a dancer may dance.

2. Caller of figures must dance on stage with the team.

3. A team must place 1st or 2nd with each category and age division at two sanctioned competitions to qualify for the World Championships in October.

4. Five certified judges (Determined by UCA) are required. Highest and lowest scores will be dropped and the 3 middle scores averaged.

5. The same 5 judges must judge a competition category in its entirety. Different judges may be used for different categories. Different judges shall NOT be used for different age divisions for the same category.

6. A Rules, "Rep", Official will be in attendance and will have the final say regarding any rules infractions.

7. Point Deductions on Rep Sheets for affected categories:

A. 5-point deduction will result if improper number of dancers is used.

B. 2-point deduction for everyone not dancing at all times in Acappella Team.

C. 1-point deduction for every 15 seconds or portion thereof, exceeding the given time limits.

D. 1-point deduction for each dancer not dressed correctly (Male position dancer must wear slacks; Female position dancers must wear skirt or dress).

E. 1-point deduction for placing dancers on stage. EXCEPTION: Tiny Tot age division.

F. 1-point deduction for "directing" off stage. EXCEPTION: Tiny Tot age division.

G. 1-point deduction for not holding HOME position in Southern Appalachian, Smooth, 4 Couple Precision, 6/8 Couple Precision, and 6/8 Couple Freestyle.

H. 1-point deduction for not swinging to set HOME POSITION in Country Hoedown and 4 Couple Precision.

I. 1-point deduction for couples not becoming active to perform small circle figures.

J. 1-point deduction for each required figure not performed and each corner/partner swing not performed when required.

K. 1-point deduction for improper progression.

L. 10-point deduction for dancing more than twice in a Contemporary dance category at the World Championships.

8. DRESS CODE: NO Fannies, NO Midriffs, NO Cleavage, Tasteful Clothing in All Categories.


A. Use of alcoholic beverages on premises.

B. If Entry Fees are not paid for all dancers performing on stage. (Festival Directors Discretion)

C. If a team dances in the wrong age division. Example: You register in Adult age division and dance, when the average age of your dancers is Young Adult.

10. The United Clogging Association World Championships rules will be enforced. (www.cloguca.com)

11. Entry form must be sent to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair with checks made out to the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.

Friday Dance Order

1. Traditional Duo

2. Buck & Wing Duet

3. Contemporary Duo/Duet

4. Show Duo/Duet

5. Acapella Duo/Duet

6. Short Duo/Duet

7. Solos Traditional

8. Solos Contemporary

9. Flat Foot

10. Choreographed Solos

Saturday Dance Order

1. Country Hoedown

2. 4 or More Couples Precision

3. Small Team Contemporary Line Formations

4. Small Team Contemporary Line

5. Line

6. Smooth

7. Small Team Traditional Line Formations

8. 4 Couple Precision

9. Line Formations

10. Southern App

11. 4 or More Cpl Hoedown

12. Traditional Line Formation

13. 6/8 Couple Freestyle

14. Solos Traditional

15. Solos Contemporary

16. Flatfoot

17. Acapella Solo 18. Novice Team

19. Running Set Hoedown

20. Exhibition

21. Small Team Traditional Line

22. Traditional Line

23. Running Set Precision

24. Small Team Exhibition

25. Props Exhibition

26. Open Dance

27. Acapella Team

28. Mixed Clogging

29. Progressive Acapella

30. Show

Awards & Premiums

The 1st Place team in each division will receive $50, 2nd and 3rd place trophies will be given in all divisions. Duo/Duets and Individuals (except Flatfoot) will receive trophies in 1st, 2nd and 3rd places. Overall Team Grand Champion will receive $200, Duos/Duets overall will receive $100 each, Male and Female Solos for Traditional & Contemporary will receive $100 for Grand Champion. Flatfoot will receive $50.00 for Grand Champion. Short Duo/Duets will receive $50 per dancer for Grand Champion. Acapella Solo and Choreographed Solo will receive $50 for overall Champion. Allow up to 10 weeks for premium checks to be processed.

Gate Admission *****GATE 7*****This gate is off Airport Road.

Teams that are entered with proper entry forms and have paid will receive an admission ticket for Friday and/or Saturday. Ticket packets will be at a table outside the gate at Entrance A starting Friday at 5:00pm - 9:00pm and Saturday 8:00 am - 1:00 pm. Team Directors can pick up their teams’ tickets at table. If Team director is not picking up packets, please specify on form who is responsible to pick up packets. All dancers and spectators will enter through Entrance A, main gate. There will be no back gate admission. There will be no tickets required for children 5 years of age and under.


THIS MEANS NO TEAM OR DUO/DUET ENTRIES WILL BE TAKEN AT THE DOOR. Only Solo entries will be accepted at the door.

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