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2020 Information coming in April

2019 Information Below:

Gospel Singing

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Junior, Youth, & Adult Solo Competition

Youth & Adult Group Competition

Total Premiums Offered by NCMSF : $2,100.00


Assistant Superintendent:

Entry Deadline: July 26, 2019 ONLINE ENTRIES ONLY, NO entries accepted after July 26, 2019, 11:55pm.

Contest Date: Saturday, September 14th * 2nd Saturday

Check-in Time:

Solos No later than 8:30 am

Groups No later than 12:00pm

Performance Times:

Solos - Promptly at 9:00am

Groups - 1:30pm (or following lunch break)

Location: Gate 7 (parking), Got To Be NC Stage (Near Gate Entrance)


• Competition is limited to residents of North Carolina.

• Solo competition will be limited to the first ten (10) entries in each class. Group competition will be limited to the first five (5) entries in each class.

• Contestants must check in by times listed above.

Solos will begin promptly at 9:00am and will be performed in order by classes (AA001, AA002, AA003). Following solo competitions, there will be a break for lunch.

Group performances will begin at 1:30pm (or when lunch is over and all contestants have checked in) and will be performed in order by classes (AA004, AA005).

• Each performance will be allowed ten (10) minutes. Each performance is limited to 2 songs. Contestants going over the ten (10) minute time limit WILL BE DISQUALIFIED. We will not give you any type of time indication. It is suggested that you time yourself to be sure that you stay within the time limitations.

Set up time begins when your name is called. Soloists have three (3) minutes to set up. Groups have up to eight (8) minutes for setup. Use your time wisely. Contestants exceeding the set up time limit WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.

• It is suggested that your instruments be set up prior to the start of the competition. The stage will be open and available prior to start of the competition.

• No entries accepted after July 26th. In the event there are not enough in a class, Fair Management reserves the right to modify this date.

• Awards will be announced following the contest. The decision of the judges is final.

• A basic sound system will be provided for amplification of voices, and playback of CD. We will provide 110 volt power at the stage. We do NOT provide musical instruments, instrument amplifiers and/or speakers or specialized playback equipment like MiniDisc or MP3 files. Individuals and groups will be completely responsible for providing and setting up extra equipment, and coordinating incorporation of equipment into the provided sound system including all patch cords, electrical extension cords, etc. If in doubt, bring back-up equipment.

• Age should be as of the day of the competition

NO entries nor changes in classes will be accepted on the day of competition. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Criteria for Judging:

Appearance (1-25 points)

Presentation/Quality (1-25 points)

Originality (1-25 points)

Professionalism (1-25 points)

Total Points 100



AA001 Junior Solo (6 - 10 years of age)

AA002 Youth Solo (11-16 years of age)

AA003 Adult Solo (17 years of age and older)


1st Place $150.00 Trophy

2nd Place $100.00 Trophy

3rd Place $ 50.00 Trophy

GROUP (Group consists of 2 - 8 performers)


AA004 Youth Group (6-16 years of age)

AA005 Adult Group (17 years of age and older)


1st Place $300.00 Trophy

2nd Place $200.00 Trophy

3rd Place $100.00 Trophy

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