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Booking Policy & Rules

Booking Policy and General Rules

WNC Agricultural Center
General Policies, Rules and Regulations
We are committed to making your event a success.
Scheduling is tentative until a signed Rental Contract has been executed and a facility deposit is received.  Tentative reservations automatically expire after 10 days.
Deposit and Cancellation
A minimum of one day’s rent is required as a deposit due at contract signing.  Should an event be canceled by client less than 120 days before event, no deposit refund shall be made.
Base Facility Fee Includes:
Facility space and event/show offices at location(s) designated by the WNC Ag Center.House lighting, ventilation, heat or air conditioning, as appropriate during your event (exclusive of move-in/move-out dates).Janitorial service in aisles, open spaces and restrooms during your event and one thorough cleaning of same areas once daily during non-show hours.One house paging microphone in leased exhibit hall.One (1) 40-cubic yard trash haul per event.
Base Facility Fee DOES NOT Include:
  1. Tables, chairs, stage risers, etc.
  2. Electrical power for booth space or exhibitors.
  3. Event staff, such as stage hands, ticket sellers and takers, ushers and doormen, equipment operators and other event personnel needed to stage your event
  4. Drayage, storage or placement of any exhibit and/or event-related materials
  5. Decoration and related services
  6. Labor charges for carpenters, electricians, etc.
  7. Special lighting
  8. Communication services, such as telephone, fax or data transmission
  9. Display tables and equipment used in exhibit booths
  10. Audio-Visual equipment
General Rules and Regulations
  1. The WNC Ag Center delivers a “broom clean” floor. We expect Show/Event Management to deliver it back in the same condition.
  2. Damages to the WNC Ag Center property are the responsibility of the Show/Event Management. Incidents of damages should be reported to WNC Ag Center Management immediately.
  3. Show/Event Management assumes full responsibility for the acts and conduct of its exhibitors, agents, employees, licensees, subcontractors, invitees and attendees of the event.
  4. Security personnel are at the discretion of the Show/Event Management. 
  5. A sworn Buncombe County peace officer must be in attendance at events or private parties involving alcohol.
  6. A “Certificate of Insurance” must be in our office within 10 days of the show with the WNC Agricultural Center named as the ADDITIONAL INSURED.
  7. Any keys required by you or your service contractors will be subject to a key deposit.
  8. The location and method of installation of any special decorations or signs must be approved by WNC Ag Center management prior to installation.
  9. All special decorations or signs left at the WNC Ag Center at the conclusion of your event will be considered trash.   All special decorations or signs that you want to save must be removed at the conclusion of your event.
  10. North Carolina Law prohibits the placement of any signs other than regulatory signs within the highway right-of-way.  NCDOT workers will dispose of illegal signs.
  11. All WNC Ag Center motorized equipment will be operated by authorized WNC Ag Center personnel only.
  12. Golf carts, 4-wheelers, scooters and any other motorized vehicles shall be operated by licensed operators only. Children who cannot secure a driver license will not be allowed to operate any motorized vehicles.
  13. The WNC Ag Center marquee and website shall be operated by WNC Ag Center personnel.  Management will determine the contents of the message to be displayed and the dates the message will appear.  Management will have final approval of all marquee and website messages.
  14. NO Fog/Smoke Machines allowed.
Residual Matters
Every event is different and the General Policies, Rules and Regulations cannot conceivably cover every possible scenario.  All matters, rules, regulations or deviations, not expressly provided for herein, shall be decided upon by the WNC Ag Center Management. Our sole effort is to insure the success of your event and safeguard the safety and experience of all our visitors. We know that you will appreciate our efforts.
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