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Mountain Music

Locals often look forward to the Mountain Music Festival as their time to finally relax and wind down from a day at the fair. Claim your space and settle in for unforgettable night of music. Come hear the sweet sounds of Appalachia as bands perform nightly on the Heritage Stage.

Mountain Music Festival Schedule

2021 Lineup
Begins at 6:00 pm nightly!
(Schedule is subject to change)

2021 Mountain Music Schedule

Friday, 9-10

6:00Lynn Goldsmith & The Jeter Mountain Boys

6:50Ken Chapple & Another Country

7:40Hightop Mountain Harmony

8:20 Jonah Riddle & Carolina Express

Saturday, 9-11


6:45The Dixie Darlin Cloggers

7:00 The Waymasters

8:00The Dixie Darlin Cloggers

8:15Bobby Miller & Friends

Sunday, 9-12

2:00 Don Lewis Jam

4:00 J Creek Cloggers

4:15The Clydes

5:00J Creek Jr Cloggers

5:15 Doghouse

6:00 J Creek Cloggers

6:15Tri County Express

Monday, 9-13

6:00Bailee Brandon & Jerry Sutton

6:45Mountain Thunder


7:50Mountain Thunder

8:15Carol Rifkin & Friends

Tuesday, 9-14

6:00Appalachian Consort

6:50Green Valley

7:00Appalachian Mountaineers

7:15Teresa Gardin

7:45Green Valley

8:00Sons of Ralph

8:50Appalachian Mountaineers

Wednesday, 9-15

6:00Lillian Chase & The Deadpan String Band

6:40Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers

6:50Southern Connections Cloggers

7:15The Saylor Brothers

8:00Blue Ridge Heritage Cloggers

8:15Whitewater Bluegrass

Thursday, 9-16


6:40Mountain Tradition Cloggers

6:55Seth Taylor & Shaun Richardson

7:30Mountain Tradition

7:40Front Porch Pickers

8:20Buncombe Turnpike

Friday, 9-17

6:00The Muley Holler Gang

6:50Bailey Mountain Cloggers

7:05Hill Country

8:00Bailey Mountain Cloggers

8:15Letters to Abigail

Saturday, 9-18

6:00Rhiannon & The Relics

6:45Southern Mountain Cloggers

7:00Appalachian Mountaineers

7:15Hickory Holler Bluegrass Band

8:00Southern Mountain Cloggers

8:15Tim McWilliams

8:45Appalachian Mountaineers

Sunday, 9-19

2:00Don Lewis Jam

4:00Split Rail

4:45Cole Mountain Cloggers

5:00Laurel Branch Friends & Neighbors

5:40Cole Mountain Cloggers

6:00Little Roy & Lizzie

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