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Fair Food

As autumn approaches, we look forward to ripe produce, shorter, cool days, and a classic western carolina tradition: the Mountain State Fair. The best part of the fair? For many, the fair means one thing: food. Lots and lots of food, often deep fried, on a stick or deep fried and on a stick. Fair-goers marvel each year at the various concoctions, returning to old favorites and trying new treats.
Talk about choices - check out the fair's 50+ food stands located throughout the grounds.
Can you say fried oreos? Or fried strawberries? Then there's deep-fried Milky Way bar on a stick, cheesecake on a stick, hot cinnamon rolls, delicious gyros and home churned ice cream.
You will find something to excite the taste buds when you come out to enjoy the foods that are only found for ten days, at the North Carolina Mountain State Fair.

Food Vendors

Authentic Greek Food Corporation Greek Food - Gyros, Sourlaki (shisk-kebob) chicken-on-pita, salads. Value Meal may include french fries, sodas
Baabals Ice Cream & Coffee Shoppe -Freshly made mini doughnuts, hand dipped ice cream, coffee, hot chocolate, water
Bella's Italian Ice - Italian ice, hot dogs, polish sausage, sloppy joe, barbecue, coffee, cappuccino, chips, drinks
Bianco's Foods LLC - Pizza, Calazones, Stromboli,Water and Drinks
Bianco's Foods LLC - Elephant ears, funnel cakes, lemonade, drinks
Billy's Concessions - Candy Apples, Cotton Candy, Popcorn, Snowcones,Drinks.
Bojangles - distinctive, flavorful chicken made with a special blend of seasonings and served with hot, fresh buttermilk biscuits and one-of-a-kind fixin’s like Bojangles’ Dirty Rice and Bojangles’ Cajun Pintos.
Churros 2Go- Churros cinnamon stiks mixed with cinnamon and sugar or filled with chocolate, caramel or guava, arepas-sweet corn sandwich, two layers of corn with mozarella in between, coffee, hot cocoa, real fruit punch, iced coffee, water, soda
Coco Bongos - Frozen Drinks in coconut cups and other specialty cups; pina colada,bahama mama, lemon, mango
The Pickle Barrel - Sirloin tip dinners with red skinned mashed potatoes, onion pepper, marinated mushrooms, sweet tea, lemonade and bottled water
D & J Concessions - Corn Dogs, Vinegar Fries, Onion Rings, Bloomin Onions, Fresh Cut Fries, Fried Vegetables, Chicken Steak Sandwiches, Lamb Gyros, Hot Dogs, Bourbon chicken on a stick,chic tenders,
D & J Concessions - Frozen Fruit Smoothies, Frozen Lemonade served out of Coconuts and Big Buddy Cups.
D & J Concessions - Bloomin Onions, Roasted Corn, Drinks
D & J Concessions - Soft Serve Ice Cream, Fudge Brownie Sundae, Rootbeer Float, Cheesecake on-a-stick, Lemonade
Fat & Sassy Concessions - Cotton Candy, Candy and caramel apples, caramel chips, orangeade & lemonade, popcorn, nachos with cheese, shaved ice snow cones, packaged peanuts
Fork'et Me Not- Wings-BBQ,hot, Thai, Sesame Garlic; tornado potatoes, fish taco, blackened chicken taco, jalapeno bacon wrapped mozarella
Granny's Country Kitchen - Country Fried Steak w/gravy,chick pot pie, catfish filets, fried porkchops. Sandwiches: fried pork chop, fried bologna, catfish filet, country fried steak, HB and Hdogs.Fried green tomatoes, pintobeans,collards, slaw, FF, banana pudding, shortcake
Higgins & Son Barbecue - Barbecue sandwich and pork loin sandwiches, nachos & cheese, hush puppies, slaw, French fries, sweet tea, drinks
Inga's Apples - Apple Dumplings, cinnamon twists, apple twists, praline twists, strawberry twists, soda
Jenks Concessions Inc - Popcorn Drinks, Cotton Candy, Candy Apples, Sno Cones, Drinks and Fried Twinkies
Jenks Concessions Inc - Polish & Italian Sausages, Pizza, Steak Sand. Hamburgers, Cdogs, Fries,DrinksFunnel cakes
Jenks Concessions Inc - Popcorn Concession, Drinks
Jenks Concessions Inc - Steak and cheese sandwiches, Shiski Bobs, Curly Fries, drinks, Lemonade
Jenks Concessions Inc - Ice Cream Concession, Funnel Cakes
Jenks Concessions Inc - Funnel Cakes,, Elephant Ears, Drinks, Fried Candy Bars and possibly Fried Twinkies.
Laura Nolazco- Fresh fruit water, fruit cups, corn on a cob, esquites, chicarrons, tacos fritos, coffee atole
MacLeod Farms/Vermont Sugar House - Vermont Maple Products.Maple cotton candy, maple candy, maple syrup, maple cookies.
McBride Concessions - Popcorn Concession with popcorn, cotton candy, candy apples
McBride Concessions c/o Brinkley Entertainment - BBQ Ribs and plates, turkey legs, grilled chicken, fried chicken plate, Sausage, Hot Dogs, Hamburgers, Fries, Corn Dogs, Drinks
McLeod Concessions - Jambalaya, Fish Sandwiches, Sausages, Bloomin Onions, Chic. Fajitas, BBQ and Turkey Legs, Drinks, ribbon fries,corn dogs, hot dogs and lemonade
McLeod Concessions - Funnel Cakes, Corn Dogs, Hot Dogs, Philly Steaks, Sausages, Turkey legs,Ribbon Fries, Lemonade, Drinks
Miller & Company Concessions, LLC - Pizza Concession, Corn Dogs, Ribbon Fries, Nachos, Lemonade and Drinks
Miller & Company Concessions, LLC - Funnel Cakes, Curly Fries, Corn Dogs, Drinks
Miller & Company Concessions, LLC - Corn Dogs, Ribbon Fries,Drinks.
Miller & Company Concessions, LLC - Ice Cream, Waffle Cones, Milkshakes, Drinks, Fruit
Oakridge Farm - Concession selling Ostrich and Emu burgers, Ostrich Philly Steak Quesadillia, Ostrich BBQ,Emu Hot Dogs, Ostrich Smokie, and soda, tea, coffee and hot chocolate.
Peter's Fine Greek Food- Gyros, Sourlaki, chicken on pita, salads
Pizza Hut, RAGE, Inc - Pizza Hut , Pizza and drinks
Riverview Farms L.L.C. - Selling Ice Cream churned on site with old Hit & Miss Engine
Sugar & Spice Funnel Cakes - Funnel Cakes and Toppings, Drinks and deep fried candy bars, oreos, cheesecake on a stick,lemonade
Sweet Sensations Apple dumplings - Apple Dumplings, peach cobbler,Pinto Beans and cornbread, sliced tomatoes, potatoes & onions, water, coffee, Dippn Dots ice cream, Kettle Corn, Pork rinds
Sweet Sensations - Dipping Dots Pellet Ice Cream.
Taqueria Mexican la Rancherita- Authentic Mexican foods: tacos, sopes, tortas, quesadillas, huaraches, tamales
Wensil's Concessions - Diabetic Funnel Cakes, regular funnel cakes, fried oreos, fried candy bars & twinkies, coffee, cocoa, soft drinks, bottled water, tea, fresh squeezed lemonade--regular and sugar free
Wild Bill's Olde Fashioned Soda Pop Co./Sodas and Stalks - Sodas :rootbeer, birch beer, sasparilla, orange, grape, vanilla, diet rootbeer
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