Vendor Information

fair2015 Mountain State Fair  
September 11-20, 2015

Download 2015 Vendor Application (PDF Document)

Vendors are required to submit an Application for Consideration of Space. Pictures of concession or booth must be submitted along with the application. Application is to be completed in full,  listing all items requested to be sold , promoted or given away.

Applications for space will be reviewed with consideration given to space available vs. space needed, product, and appearance. Not every applicant receives a contract.  Once selected, and a Contract For Space is written, a minimum deposit of $100.00 per space is due within 10 days of Contract issuance.  Balance is due July 15, 2014. Contracts issued after July 15 require payment in full with execution of contract.  After August 2, certified checks, money orders and cash are required for payment.

Lessee agrees to open and operate stand or booth during the operating hours of the Fair listed below.

Fri - Sun         9am - 10:00pm
Mon -Thur      3pm - 10:00pm

Fri - Sat          9am - 10:00pm
2nd Sunday    9am - 9:00pm

*Outside Vendor Spaces must remain open until 10:00pm. We recommend that you remain open later to serve our fair patrons on the midway.

*2nd Sunday,  Buildings, Exhibits and Rides close at 9:00pm


Booth spaces are 10’x10’ with 3’ side curtains and 8’ back curtain. All booths are $550. Corner space fee is an additional $50. Electricity is not included. Prices subject to change.

Space rate is $55.00 per front foot for food booths, $60.00 per front foot for Novelty and Jewelry.  A minimum of 10 front feet must be purchased with additional footage sold in 5 foot increments.  Depth of 20’ is included in the space.  Corner spaces are $75.00 additional. Electricity is additional.

Outside space for items such as mobile homes, lawn mowers and autos may or may not have front footage.  This space is subject to availability and Fair Management approval.

Food Concessions must meet all requirements for Temporary Food Establishments set forth by  Buncombe County Environmental Health.  Inspection will be conducted by the Buncombe County Health Department and/or the NCDA Food and Drug Protection Division prior to any food preparation.    

Outside space is subject to availability and Fair Management approval. Farm Machinery is defined as equipment designed for “on farm” use.  Rate is $230.00 per 30’x30’ lot plus electrical charges.

All Concessionaires, Vendors, and Exhibitors are required to provide a Certificate of Insurance with coverage for personal injury and property damage with a minimum coverage of $1,000,000.00. Product Liability is required when a product is consumed or touches the skin.  The Certificate must name the North Carolina Mountain State Fair as Additional Insured and be received prior to your arrival.   

A Certificate of Liability Insurance must be provided before a golf cart or gator type vehicle may be allowed on the grounds..  A Golf Cart permit will be issued with a fee of $50.00.

Rate is per connection
20 amp: $80.00
30/50 amp: $120.00  
All others subject to availability.


Camping is not permitted. However, a limited number of RV parking spaces are available for vendors with a contract. Utilities are included in the rate of $200.00 for 12 nights; September 9-20, 2015. 

There is a charge for Supply Vehicles or stock trucks that use electricity and/or water. The charge for electricity is $80 per 20amp connection, $120 per 30/50 amp connection.  Water connection for supply vehicles is an additional $60.00.  Water is included at concession sites for no charge.

Wednesday, Sept. 9th: 8:30am - 7:00pm
Thursday, Sept. 10th: 8:30am - 7:00pm
Requests to set up prior to Sept. 7th are subject to Management Approval.   

Two books of 10 (20) one-day passes will be issued for each 10’x10’ booth space.  

Two books of 10 passes will be issued for the first 20 front feet of outside space. For each additional 10 feet of outside space one additional book of passes may be requested.  Additional Books may be purchased for $40.00 each in the Exhibits and Concessions Office. Partial books are not sold.   

Fair Management reserves the right to change a space location as deemed necessary at any time. All rates are subject to change.

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